W5Templates, was created to assist small to medium size business and business units within larger corporations with their CRM and Project Management needs.

First launched in the fall of 2012, W5T has grown from a single software solution to a total of 11 customized solutions, all designed to help save time, money and increase your productivity. We’re based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) and our core leadership / programming team are Carnegie-Mellon University alumni.

We pride ourselves on a “keep it simple” approach to CRM and Project Management and believe in outstanding customer service; customer testimonials.

We understand the process of exploring, then adopting a new business process takes time. We trust that when you’re ready to license our productivity tool, you’ll know. To explore our Free Trial – start here.

What we do ask, is for you to let us assist you in your buying decision. Feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone (1.412.498.3420). We’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally.