How It Works / Features

Customized Excel based CRM / Project Management tool

Uniquely functions as a Microsoft Excel file for both Windows and MAC. Windows 10: Office 2013, 2015 and 2018. Mac OS X: Office 2015, 2016, 2019.  Please make sure all updates are installed. 

Home Page

  • Provides easy access to Dashboard and Setting pages.
  • Includes navigation to How to Use instructions, FAQs, My Notes, Website Resources and Customer Support (available 7 days per week to address your questions).


Top line display of clients and projects being managed. Allows you to view up to 27 data fields per contact-project although a good starting number can be as few as 8. Easily and quickly change the content displayed as needed.

8 user defined columns allow you to customize and track what you feel are the most important aspects of your business: Project Descriptions, Start dates and End dates, PO numbers, ROI, Technical Feasibility ratings, deposits ($), customer complaints, etc. 


On a single page, easily modify the tool to fit your specific needs and terminology. Name your categories to fit your business (by industry, business unit or service provider), to track what’s important to your business create your own data or date fields.  Color code dates settings allow you to create visual follow-up notifications to fit your personal color palette; pre set as green, yellow, red.  

Insert/Delete Contact Sheets

Insert new contact information from the Dashboard page. Selecting the new contact button brings up a fresh contact sheet, including easy to use drop-down menus for selecting category, status and priority defined on the Settings page. Easily duplicate an existing contact for clients with multiple projects. Multiple contacts (from your existing lists or system) added via our easy to use template export / import feature.

Insert Notes

Client/Project contact sheets, allow you to insert notes capturing the comments, next steps and action items of each client-project meeting. The most recent note entered, automatically appears on the Dashboard page, saving you the trouble of having to go and look it up. Easily cut and paste into e-mails or Word documents. 

Choose Columns

Choosing the  “Columns to Display” button on the Dashboard page allows you to select the columns you wish to see and change the choices at any point to create the view you need.


  • Save time by using our unique Dashboard to quickly sort columns to organize, analyze and track contacts and projects.  You’ll never need to “define the data you wish sort”, as we’ve anticipated what you want to analyze, by what you choose to show on your Dashboard. Column filters allow you to focus on any sub set of projects or clients you desire.

Copy Existing Contact Information

  • Easily duplicate an existing contact for clients with multiple projects.
  • Saves time by not having to input the same contact information multiple times.

Export Contact or All Contacts

  • A range of export features allow you to transfer your information to CSV (generic Excel) format for use in other applications.
  • Exporting from the Dashboard page creates a CSV file with all the contact data fields, plus the last note entered.
  • CSV files allow for creation of mailing labels, e-mail lists and use with
    mail-merge programs.
  • Exporting from an individual contact sheet provides the
    contact information plus all historical meeting notes.

Edit Contact Information

  • Update or edit your contact information quickly from the Dashboard page. Select (single click) the value you wish to edit, and press F2 (Windows) or ctrl-u (OS X) to begin editing that cell. 

Change Date Color Coding

  • Easily track follow-up dates by automatic color-coding creating visual identification on the Dashboard page.
  • Simple to change colors for the Last Contact Date as well as the Follow up Date available on the Settings page.
  • Type a number to set the days associated with Last Contact Date, Plan to Act Date and Missed Follow up Date.

Date Formatting

  • Change the format of your dates through out the Excel tool by using the date format feature at the bottom of the Settings page. 

    Google Map of Client Contact Address

  • Google mapping conveniently available for each contact address: click, print and go