This past weekend, whether we like it or not, the Patriots won their fifth Superbowl. Lucky for us yinzers, we still have the most rings to our name! That being said, there is no denying that this has made their quarterback, Tom Brady, one of the best in the league–if not the very best. The GOAT (greatest of all time), if you will.

How would it feel to be the GOAT of your own league? Be it for your company, for your clients, or just yourself?

You can do it, and we can help. Using our system, you’ll be able to stay on top of your game and blow everyone away just like Tom Brady has. Check out our free template and give it a shot!


I’m the very definition of a type-A personality. I like everything neat, clean, and in order. However, even I fall by the wayside sometimes and find the dishes piling up or the laundry find it’s way out of the closet and on the floor instead.

In my personal life, I can do my best to keep it all together. Professionally? It’s not as hard!

With W5 Templates, it’s simple. All five W’s, as we like to put it, are attainable. How, you ask? It’s true. Here’s the way we do it:

Who. With our template, it’s easy to see who is working on a project, as well as who it’s for.

What. What are you doing with the project? That’s easy to find, as well. There’s a space just for it!

When. What are your deadlines? When are you meeting next to brainstorm? You can find that in a column, as well.

Where. Where is the client located? Where is your next meeting? Where are you on the project? All there.

Why. Why are you working on the project? What is it’s purpose? That’s there, too!

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When it comes to life, you can do things the hard way or the easy way. You can….

  • hand write checks or you can do online banking
  • hit the snooze button or wake up with your first alarm
  • wait a month to do your laundry and have it take hours or do it once a week and have it only take two
  • let your dishes sit and get gross or wash them as they appear

Do you see a trend here? Either you can make life more difficult or find ways to simplify and expedite your tasks. It’s up to you, but if I had to guess, you’d rather make it a bit easier. I have one more example for you though: you can list out ALL of your projects, notes, and ideas on a million sticky notes or you can head on over to our website and get our free trial, which will allow you do do every single one of those things–in just one easy to access location.

Now obviously this is up to you, and if you like chaos then great! But my bet is that some organization will do you some good. So give it a try!


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Taking your business to the next level doesn’t mean doing the same thing you’ve been doing in greater quantity or at lower cost. It means finding out what your customers need most, then becoming the best at providing it. Yes, that means you may have to change what you do and how you do it—but that’s the foundation you need to put in place in order to grow by an order of magnitude. Job #1 is to create added value for your customers. The best way to do it is to provide them an experience—one that they will notice, remember, and share. The added value you offer will win the organic revenue growth you seek; the experience will be your accelerant as it drives more referrals.

Sometimes, your business model needs to adjust according to what your customers are asking for. Always remember that the reason you’re in this is to make your people happy–so listen to them! Creating a good experience for those that use your product will only enhance your relationship and create more buzz about what you’re doing.

So get out there and ask what your customers want! And to keep track of their responses easily, check out our easy-to-use template here.

I’m an organized person. I write everything down, need things in a special order, and even color code my highlighters/Sharpie pens according to the activity/the importance of it. Slightly OCD? Maybe. But most of the time, it works in my favor.

As a highly organized person, W5T is great. I could go on and on, but here are just 10 reasons that I love this Excel-based program

  1. I can take notes. When I’m having a Skype meeting with our CEO, Dave, I can be chatting and brainstorming with him while writing down all of our (obviously brilliant ideas) in a note on W5T. That way, we never forget what we talked about.
  2. It tells me exactly when I took those notes. I like to know when I did stuff, it helps me keep things in order and remember how they developed. W5T automatically marks the date, AND allows me to add a follow-up date in case it’s not something that I can do in one day.
  3. It’s so easy. I’m fairly technologically savvy, but I definitely am not the best of the best when it comes to computers. Despite that, I find it incredibly easy to navigate the Excel program and do what I need to do!
  4. It syncs to my phone and the web app. I often also take notes on my phone or using the online app–it just depends on where I am and what the circumstances are! It’s so easy to just hit the sync button when I go back on the Excel app and get my notes from all of the other places right back in the same place as everything else.
  5. It’s insanely easy to customize. Want to know who has contributed to a note? You can enable a column for it. Want to know how many hours you spent on a project? You can add that column. Want to create a brand new column of your own that says exactly what snack you ate while powering through a project? I don’t blame you. It’s important information and you can add it, too.
  6. You can develop reports. Does the boss want you to create a report and show the work you’ve done on a project. There’s a button specifically so you can request one.
  7. You can use it for anything. Keeping track of where you applied to college. Use it. Keeping track of houses you’ve toured? Perfect. Trying to keep track of all the sources you used for your thesis? This will do the trick. It’s easy to use for any purpose.
  8. You can easily export and share select information. Your co-worker needs that list of numbers from that one project? It’s easy to take that specific data-set and export it to a new Excel document to send over.
  9. You can see your collaborations. There is a column built in so if you have more than one person working on a project, you all can see what each other is doing.
  10. Having some issues navigating? Go to the Home Page, click Customer Support, and get the help you need. Or, you can just click W5T Website and find the FAQs page!

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Top 10 Similarities

It occurred to me yesterday, watching the endless TV ads for weight loss systems, the new year resolution for losing weight and implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system have a lot in common. Consider the following:
1. The beginning of the new year is a great time to get started
2. Losing weight and CRM are not things people find enjoyable, at first
3. Best to make it a habit, you can’t do without
4. Often most enjoyable when done with other people
5. The simpler the system, the better
6. A lot of people don’t succeed in achieving their goal
7. The more you do it, the better the results
8. Tracking with a mobile app makes it easier and more fun
9. Being cost effective matters
10. Seeing the results take shape, is the ultimate pay off

As we start the new year, we wish you the best of luck in achieving your personal as well as your business goals.

There are now more than one billion Microsoft Office users worldwide — pretty crazy, right? We’d be willing to bet that if you’re looking at this blog, you’re one of them.

If that is indeed the case, you should know that there are more ways to make use of the program Microsoft Excel!

One prime example is our system, W5 Templates. It builds off of what you already know in Excel and makes it easy to manage your customer relationships and projects.

And, better yet, there is a free version to scope out before purchasing! Check it out here and get it ready to go for the new year!

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Make it a priority to meet, and take interest in other local small business owners, even if they are not in your industry or would never become a customer of yours. These friendships will be sources of support and encouragement, and provide valuable insight into the way other business owners handle the same issues you may be facing. Walk the block, drop in, and introduce yourself as a fellow business owner. Offer to meet for coffee just to get to know each other (and not ‘Can I pick your brain?’). Some people will respond, some won’t, but the ones who do may end up becoming friends and advisors for life!

It’s always so important to meet other local businesses, and now is the perfect time to drop in and see them! It’s the end of the year, see if you can forge some new relationships for 2017! And, to keep track of who you go to see, use our free demo template to organize them all in one place!


So it’s the end of 2016 and therefore, time for year-end organization and auditing. Are you ready?

Typically, going through everything from the year and making decisions regarding what worked and what didn’t is a hassle….to say the least.

But with our Excel-based system, keeping track of what you’ve looked at and what’s still on the to-do list is a heck of a lot easier.

With it, you can make your list, check it twice, and mark down who’s been naughty or nice–or at least what’s left to be done before your deadline hits.

Want to give it a try? Check out our free trial here and make it a great new year!

Last week, our founder and CEO Dave Oshlag had the opportunity to speak on KDKA with the hosts of TechVibe Radio.

While on there, Dave spoke about our ease of use, how we match up to competitors, our main goals, and–drumroll, please–news of a new product that we will be releasing next year!

But, to hear more, you’ll have to listen to the show! The link is here, be sure to take a listen and share with your friends!