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Don’t believe us? Listen to this guy!

We’ve been posting blogs for a few weeks now and you’ve heard what we have to say about W5 Templates and it’s numerous perks. But hearing it from someone other than just us? That’s a whole different ball game. So,

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3 Ways CRM Can Increase Your Sales

For years CRM has been helping small and large businesses alike by streamlining their sales processes, collecting information and storing that information for valuable usage. CRM can increase your business’s sales by up to 30% and is the the #1

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Trust-Franklin Press endorses W5T

Gary Friedman, President / Owner, Trust-Franklin Press Co. We implemented the W5T CRM Sales system as a way to execute our sales “cookbook” for success.  The objective was to get management and our sales team on the same page, tracking prospective

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CRM: Insurance against Sales employee turnover

An article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Thinking of Quitting? The Boss Knows, by Silverman and Walker, talks about companies trying to understand and predict when employees are going to leave. While the thrust of the article talks about

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Super Stars Aren’t Born They’re Organized

I have heard  many “Sales Experts”  contend that sales super stars are born not made.   I am not sold on that proposition.  Some of the best sales people I ever met didn’t possess the best “ people skills”, have the

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CRM Quote of the Week

“On average, sales and marketing costs average from 15%-35% of total corporate costs. So the effort to automate for more sales efficiency is absolutely essential. In cases reviewed, sales increases due to advanced CRM technology have ranged from 10% to

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How Sales and Marketing Should Use CRM

I read with great interest the article “Why Sales People Actually Hate Leads” by Fast Company. It talked about how Sales and Marketing teams are using, or not using for that matter, their CRM systems to generate hot leads. This

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10 Reasons Why Sales Teams Should Adopt CRM Technology

Big or small, the size of your sales team isn’t a prerequisite for the usage of a CRM software program. In fact, as the majority of businesses remain on the small size, the CRM software world has been working to

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6 in 10 SMBs Using Their CRMs for Email Marketing

This morning I read with great interest the Marketing Charts article on how CRM system customers are using their software, and what they value most of its capabilities. “SMBs are putting their customer relationship management systems (CRMs) to work for

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Thank Your Sales Force on National Salesperson Day

Today is National Salesperson Day! Take time to recognize the value of the most professional salesmen and women in your life. And if you’re a sales professional, be a student of your profession and take some time to read up on the

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