CRM: Insurance against Sales employee turnover

Salesmen Licensed 031515An article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Thinking of Quitting? The Boss Knows, by Silverman and Walker, talks about companies trying to understand and predict when employees are going to leave. While the thrust of the article talks about workforce analytics, there’s a nice Labor Department graphic at the end which illustrates the median number of years employees stay in a position by occupation. If you were ever looking for a great piece of data to bolster your case for implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program for your company, this would be it. While the average tenure of all occupations was 4.6 years and the highest was for management at 6.9 years, the lowest was for sales at 3.4 years. What this means is that you must be prepared for a member of your sales team to leave sooner rather than later – when it does happen you want to make sure the important customer information stays with you and doesn’t walk out the door. If you have a CRM system, be sure your people are using it properly, and if you don’t have one, get one up and running this year.  There’s a wide range of CRMs to choose from and the type you choose will depend on your company’s need to track prospects, customers, marketing activities and business operations. Don’t be caught without your data, when you have turnover in your Sales team.

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