CRM Software Selection Best Practices

I recently read with great interest the “CRM Software Selection: A Best Practices Approach“. Author Pam Baker goes into detail about the pitfalls of selecting CRM software, and offers some insight into the process of selecting the correct software program.

“Simply weighing platforms, features, functionalities and even costs in a CRM software evaluation is the wrong approach to selecting a solution that will deliver the most strategic objectives and compelling return on investment (ROI). As counter-intuitive as it may initially seem, choosing the ideal CRM solution is more a matter of knowing your customers, solidifying your processes and clearly describing your end goals than it is picking a brand or package of features.”

Several best practices she offers are to:

  • Start By Assessing Your Customers
  • Map Your Customer Relationship Business Process
  • Define Your Business Strategy
  • Know Your Integration Needs

She also gives a few additional CRM requirements that people should consider for their CRM shopping lists. Check those out here.

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