User Testimonials


CEO, Precise Energy Partners 

“We recently decided that we needed a CRM program for our business but felt that some of the more well known software programs were too complicated and expensive.  When I found your CRM Excel template I knew that I had exactly what our company needed.  It is so easy to use … during the past six months as we have grown substantially, the template is still working for us beautifully.  Thank you for creating a CRM product that everyone can use and that keeps our entire nation-wide client list in perfect user friendly order!”


Health Care Manufacturer Sales Manager, United Kingdom

“Finally, I’ve found a CRM system that is simple and easy to use and further more requires minimal training because it is based on Excel. I find it great for tracking all my contacts, tender deadline dates and forecast figures. The fact that it is based in Excel means that I am able to use the Sales CRM Template as a portal to all my accounts and use the hyperlink feature and other Excel functions to link to folders, OneNote and my forecast spreadsheet. There’s loads more I’m figuring out as it is so flexible – well done to the team, a really smart product!”


Open Innovation Manager, Fortune 500 Company

“Great product for open innovation relationship management. Allowed for easy set up and configuration according to how I wished to see the information displayed. See this being a good project management tool as well.”


Marketing Director, Guardian Storage

“So many project management tools are cumbersome and frustrating to use, this one makes project management a breeze. I would recommend this template to anyone who is looking for a really simple and effective way to organize his or her day, week, month or year. By using this system I have been able to cut my daily task organizing time in half! With 30+ projects in my queue, the customizable fields allow me to see the information I need quickly so I can build my daily task list in under 5 minutes. Thanks for creating such an easy to use project management tool”.


Partner, PMC Management Company

“Property Management is chaotic on the best of days.  With the W5 Template for Real Estate I have the luxury of a simple-to-use program that replaces my need to remember every detail for every unit.  No longer do I ask myself, “What have I forgotten?” Because I know the moment I open the program that I will be reminded.  This  product is control and simplification at its best.”


Market Manager Strategic Growth Platforms, PPG Industries

“A simple and easy to use tool that has helped me organize and capture company names, contacts, and relevant information for exporting and sharing information with other people at PPG.”


Vice President, Wealth Advisory Firm

“Since investing in this template, I have found the developers to be very responsive and helpful.  This tool had definitely helped me manage and track sales leads, and has a very intuitive user interface.”


Founder, Educational Consulting Company

“The template allows me to easily organize and keep track of email communications by inserting conversations I’ve had with clients.  I can see the communication history with a click of the button!”


President of Project Marketing Associates (, a company in the business of assisting leaders deliver results without increasing overhead. David's passion is project management. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon's Engineering and the University of Chicago's Business programs, he offers a practical and results oriented approach to project management based on 25+ years of experience.

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