Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take it Anymore

What’s with people today?  You send them an e-mail, you expect a response and cricket, cricket, cricket (no reply). How do you keep track of when you’ve last e-mailed, talked or corresponded with a customer?  E-mail folders, sticky notes, calendar reminders on your phone, computer or desk date book ? So here’s a solution. Adopt a (5W) system that helps you keep track of who you’ve talked to, what you discussed, where (or how) you conversed (phone, email, in person…) when you last talked to them, why they’re important, and when you are scheduled to follow up next. A good system will help you categorize the type of customer they are, their importance (your priority) and their status (new contact, active client ect…). Interested in trying out such a system? Check out a software product built around the concept of the 5Ws ( There’s even a free trial download. Let me know what you think.

Dave Oshlag has been helping companies large and small stay organized and focus on the right projects for more than 25 years.  His specialty is saving hours of time wasted on disorganized systems without spending thousands of dollars. He’s best known for enabling massive changes in productivity with tools like W5 Templates that are simple, streamlined and get people organized quickly.

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