W5T Enhances Your Prevail

Do you face the following challenges related to your law practice? Stress, Anxiety, Lost Time around understanding who’s most productive, what’s the active case load and what form of advertising is generating the most leads?

As an expert in the field of customer and project management, W5 Templates offers a pre-customized dashboard reporting system uniquely built around Prevail’s base data tags.  This unique software is designed for legal practices who want an easier way to track, control and measure clients, resources and profitability and don’t have the time, staff or money to manage it themselves. W5T’s time-tested approach allows you to mange the who, what, where, why and when of your business needs.

Testimonial: W5T Dashboard for Prevail User, Attorney John Fagan

We’ll increase your profitability by helping you understand and address key business drivers such as income by case type or attorney, personnel efficiency, the most effective type of advertising to generate leads, case flow by stage and more. Free demo copy of the W5T Dashboard for Prevail and business reports available by e-mailing Founder Dave Oshlag at daveo@w5templates.com.

To purchase please contact us at support@w5templates.com.

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