Project Management – over stressed, try a joke

Running multiple projects can be one of the most stressful jobs there is.  So how to make everyone on your team relax a bit?  Tell a joke. In today’s Personal Journal section of the WSJ, author Sue Shellenbarger writes about the Secrets of Effective Office Humor. Office humor is a great way to build a team, and communicate your office is a good place to work. Knowing your audience is key, and understanding their expectations and then poking fun, when they don’t expect it, should elicit a laugh or at least a smile. In today’s highly stressful work environment, making someone laugh is another way, other than a financial reward, to show that you care.

Joke: A project manager and two of her teammates (Sam and Nathan) are walking on a beach during a break from a conference and stumble on a magic lamp. The PM rubs the lamp and out pops a genie. The genie offers to grant each person one wish. Sam, thinks for a second, wishes for a vacation at private island in the Caribbean and “poof” he’s gone.  Nathan, reflects, wishes he was hiking in the Rockies and “poof” he’s gone.  The PM looks out over the ocean, then up at the beautiful blue sky. She then checks her watch, notices that it’s 12:55 pm and says, I need those two back, lunch time is almost over.

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