Super Stars Aren’t Born They’re Organized

I have heard  many “Sales Experts”  contend that sales super stars are born not made.   I am not sold on that proposition.  Some of the best sales people I ever met didn’t possess the best “ people skills”, have the most wonderful “outgoing personality”,  had a “hunter mentality” or “ never took ‘No’ for an answer.   Sure,  they may have had  some of those qualities but that’s not what put them over the top.  It was clear,  they all understood the need for setting goals and being consistent.  The  real key to their  success was that they were extraordinarily ORGANIZED.   But how, you ask, do you get organized?  The easiest and I believe most cost effective way is to find a tool that forces you to be organized.  I found that in W5 Templates CRM.  It absolutely compels you to be organized.  This CRM designed for small and mid-sized businesses to track your sales process and manage your customers has been a revelation to me.  I have used other CRM software that was either too complicated, cumbersome, or simply wasn’t within my budget.   W5 Templates is MS Excel based so virtually everyone will have instant familiarity with its look and feel.   What’s more, it operates very intuitively, much like Turbo Tax software.   If you’d like a free trial go to  .  I’d love to hear what you think.


President of Project Marketing Associates (, a company in the business of assisting leaders deliver results without increasing overhead. David's passion is project management. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon's Engineering and the University of Chicago's Business programs, he offers a practical and results oriented approach to project management based on 25+ years of experience.

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