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Today is Valentine’s Day! Typically it is used to show your love and appreciation for your significant other. But what if we were to flip that around a bit? Use today not only to show how much you care to

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Be a People Kinda Company

Content borrowed from Microsoft Community Connections, with which we are affiliated. For more information on what this means, click here. One of the greatest assets a small business has is the ability to connect with other people in a personal,

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Some exciting news!

Recently, we became members of the Microsoft Community Connections (MCC)! This essentially means that we, W5 Templates, are community leaders within Microsoft. We use it extensively and are considered something of experts on the platforms. Additionally, it gives us access

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CRM on the Move? It’s a real thing!

We’ve all had it happen: we’re out grabbing lunch, are sitting on the bus or are grocery shopping after work, when suddenly a client calls or emails asking a question about the work that you are doing for them. Under

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Who are we?

A conversation with our founder and CEO, Dave Oshlag… What made you decide to create this system for CRM? I needed something for my marketing consulting clients and prospects, that was simple to use and that I could easily personalize

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W5Templates for CRM – WHO

Who will benefit most from using W5Templates for their CRM needs? Small and Medium size business (SMB) owners will find the Excel based tool, plus the companion mobile app, will serve as “the administrative assistant you wish you had”. We understand

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