W5Templates Receives US Patent

W5Templates Receives US Patent


 W5Templates, awarded US PTO protection for CRM Excel Dashboard

Small companies can secure software patents

PITTSBURGH, PA – W5Templates was awarded US Patent (9,400,777) protection for a management data processing system and dashboard sorting method operating within a third party spreadsheet application environment. The sort option is configured to determine a column of a currently selected cell in the master worksheet, sort the column based on a function not provided by the third-party spreadsheet application and adds a selected sort to a list of currently active sorts. The dashboard interface worksheet comprises a number of selectable dashboard options comprising a sort ascending option and a sort descending option.

W5T offers a series of pre-customized and easily modified Excel spreadsheets and a mobile app (available for Android, Apple, and Amazon) for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Management designed for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Users having a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel are easily able to use the W5T system. Free trial available on the web site.

ABOUT W5Templates – Founded in 2011, W5 Templates is the creation of Carnegie Mellon University graduates Dave Oshlag (’83) and Justin Wagner (’12). W5T has successfully taken the centuries old “5 W’s” (Who, What, Where, Why and When) method of CRM and project management and made it simple for today’s busy SMB owner. The Excel-based CRM template system single time set up fee is less than $300 per user and offers an optional mobile option @ $20/user/month. For more information call 412.498.3420 or visit www.W5Templates.com.

Media Contact:
Dave Oshlag, Founder & CEO
m: 412.498.3420

Dave Oshlag has been helping companies large and small stay organized and focus on the right projects for more than 25 years.  His specialty is saving hours of time wasted on disorganized systems without spending thousands of dollars. He’s best known for enabling massive changes in productivity with tools like W5 Templates that are simple, streamlined and get people organized quickly.

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