Why You May Need a CRM Consultant

CRM-consultantDoes your head start to spin when people throw out words like CRM, systems managment, and any other software talk? You know you want to invest in your customers, but you don’t know how to. “A CRM consultant can bring clarity, objectivity, analytic thinking, strategic planning, technical mastery and an understanding of customer-based processes at the highest level.”

Check out this article which lists ten signs you may need a CRM consultant. CRM systems are becoming more dynamic everyday. And while some are expanding to include every bell and whistle you could imagine, others are simplifying and becoming more focused. There’s a lot of information and research to navigate through, and a CRM consultant could provide you with the map.

Dave Oshlag has been helping companies large and small stay organized and focus on the right projects for more than 25 years.  His specialty is saving hours of time wasted on disorganized systems without spending thousands of dollars. He’s best known for enabling massive changes in productivity with tools like W5 Templates that are simple, streamlined and get people organized quickly.

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